Tuesday, January 17, 2012


I have to give credit where credit is due...I have to proclaim LOUDLY AND PROUDLY that I have the absolute BEST BEST BEST BESTIE in the whole world! This awesome person has been part of my life since 6th grade...and lets not even mention how long ago that was! She has stood by my side through good times and bad, through shitty moods and giddy moods, through bad decisions and wonderful experiences, what in the heck would I ever do without her????!!! This year alone she pulled me up by my big girl panties...got me out of a terrible slump and brought me to Tampa to spend the BEST week together!!! I can't begin to thank her for that!!!! Through the years WE have laughed, cried, hugged, argued, ignored each other, and shared good news and bad news...but got through it all because we love each other...we are more than just besties...we are sisters!!! We have earned the right to be sisters...we are probably closer than most sisters and I wouldn't trade her for all the money in the world...ok...well maybe...but then we'd argue, and get over it, and share the money!!!! I know for certain she would do that for me as well!
Tonight...just when I was feeling a bit down I get an email that I will be receiving some delicious Honeybells in the mail compliments of Staci!!!
I will sing it from the rafters...shout it from the mountain top...the best friend and sister...ANYONE could ever have is....
Staci Ann Thomas Bruce!!!!!!!!
I love you!!!!

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Just ordered this juicer...on sale starting 1/25 at Macy's. I will be picking it up on the 25th! Can't wait to try it out!

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

i NEED a change....for the better!

I just watched the movie Fat, Sick & Nearly dead (free to watch on Hulu http://www.hulu.com/watch/289122/fat-sick-and-nearly-dead )...and was astounded with the results that these people have experienced. I am reading Dr. Fuhrman's book Eat to Live http://www.drfuhrman.com/ and can't believe how many things in my life could actually be affected by what I eat. I am making a resolution to start this radical diet for Valentines Day. I am going to ask my hubby to get me a juicer for my gift and hopefully it will give me the gift of life. I need to make a Dr.'s appt to get the go ahead to start this journey, obtaining blood work and any other tests that need to be done prior to starting.
I plan on recording my progress on this diet here...so between now and VD I will post "before" pics as well as vital information. Believing that this CAN work is somthing I already believe...but putting it into play is something I am struggling with. I have never been a very avid fan of veggies, let alone eaten raw and mixed into a smoothie.
Suffering from a multitude of ailments at at 44 ...I am sick and tired of feeling like crap and popping pills to get through the day.
I am sure that you don't want to sit and listen to all of my bitching and moaning about everything...but I need to record my difficulties and the progress of ridding myself of them as the way of life evolves.
OK...I am 44 years old...and I weigh over 300 lbs. I don't know the exact amount but I am guessing about 310-315. I am 5'8.5 and I have not been under 200 lbs since I was a teen.
I have joint pain, not just knees and hips but all of my joints hurt me. I have thought that I had fibromyalgia I can't remember the last time I went through a completely pain free day. If my joints are not hurting, or my head is not hurting I get aches that feel similar to the aches and pain you get when you have the flu. I also get stabbing pains in random areas that actually feel like someone is poking me with a sharp needle.
I get migraines...and have been getting them since I was around 12 years old. I have tried about every migraine medication on the market and nothing really works. I am currently taking Propanolol 40mg BID to lower my blood pressure and as a migraine preventative. My BP runs about 140/80 WITH the medication and my heart rate varies between 56-100 bpm I have been getting heart palpitation while sitting completely still and hell...going up stairs or a hill makes me feel like I am going to die.
I have chronic sinus issues and am addicted to OTC nasal spray (oxymetazaline Hcl). I am terrified of not being able to breath and I have had nightmares where I am going into surgery and I am fighting with the nursing staff because I won't let them take my nasal spray away. I take allergy medication (Zyrtec) every morning...and 50mg of Benadryl every night...both to help w/ allergies and to help me sleep. I also use Flonase Nasal spray daily.
I suffer from GERD and take Prilosec OTC day along with a couple of OTC Tums before going to bed.
I take Ambien EVERY night to make me sleep. yes I said MAKE ME...because I haven't slept well for a long long time.
I was taking Cymbalta 60mg daily up until about 2 weeks ago. I stopped taking it (yes I know I shouldn't have stopped cold turkey) Between the monthly cost and the fact that it really wasn't helping that much w/ pain anymore I figured why keep taking it. It had been helping with depression and mood swings...and I am back to being VERY emotional...but I will stay off of it for now. I also had NO desire for sex AT ALL while taking Cymbalta, that fortunately has improved since stopping it, which has improved my relationship with my husband.
I do take Ibuprofen 600-800mg at least 3 times a day...which I know isn't good for my kidneys...but it is about the only thing that helps with the severe aches and pains. It at least makes it so I can move. I also have a few herniated cervical discs that cause almost constant pain in my neck/upperback/shoulder area. I get numbness in my left arm at times when I have a flare up.
I have a new ailment that has been present for about 2 months now. I get itchy feelings on random places all over my body. There is no redness or rashes or anything to account for the itching. One minute the itch is on my leg, then my nose, then my neck, then my arm.
I have also been VERY restless, unable to sit still...i am constantly readjusting myself when trying to just sit still and relax.
My God...that is a lot going on when you put it in writing...but it helps me realize that I MUST do something about it...now while I still can.
I have a 14 year old son that I have denied an active childhood because I have limited him to what I could do w/ him. I don't want to have an obese child because of my laziness and obesity. I have a 47 year old husband that is obese and struggles with DMII also with joint ailments, allergies, stomach issues etc.
I want to make a healthy househouse and change everyone's eating habits to make all of our lives better. I certainly hope that I can do this!

Well I think I have written enough for now, I am going to continue to write between now and Valentine's day when I embark on this challenge.
If you have read this far...then THANK YOU!!! and please continue to check in and leave me some comments.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

8th Grade Graduation!

Not the best photos I've ever taken...but I just need to say...I am EXTREMELY proud of my wonderful, caring, handsome, smart son! I wish my mom and dad were here to see him...they would be so damn proud! An Outstanding Achievement Award...and straight A's!

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Life is Good!!! It is what it is!

I am anxiously awaiting the final report card my son will receive in grade school. He is more than likely getting straight A's! A feat which neither his father nor I ever was able to achieve. I am EXTREMELY proud of the young man he is becoming. He had his 8th grade semi-formal dance last night...I dropped him off in the parking lot at his school...and was encouraged strongly to stay in the truck and move along...not to get out and take pictures. I am glad that I took pictures at home.

In September Nick will enter LENAPE HIGH SCHOOL! That I cannot believe! I seems like yesterday that he was getting on the bus for the first time with a back pack that was almost as big as he was. I complained of the list of supplies I had to purchase for him for Kindergarden. The tissues and hand sanitizer and baby wipes...not to mention the pencils and paper and folders, the crayons and markers. I don't remember everything...but I do know it was a lot! Now he prepares to enter highschool...his voice hasn't changed yet...but I am expecting that to happen anyday. He is already taller than me, and wears a sneaker 3 sizes bigger than his fathers. Nick is growing up...it is inevitable...something that I am not prepared for at all. He is my only child...my heart and soul...he is my world! What will I do in 4 years when he is packing up and moving off to college?! What will I do when he marries and leaves me for good? Iknow that I am not the only person to feel this way...I am sure that every parent experiences feeling and anxiety like I am having. I too am changing...I am getting older...my hormones are changing as well. The wrinkles around my eyes and on my forehead are getting more prominent. My knees hurt when I go up the stairs sometimes...I enjoy staying home and watching a movie instead of going out on a Saturday night. These are all things I can't change...but LIFE IS GOOD! A friend and fellow Corvette enthusiast has adopted that as his mantra. I too have a mantra that I have adopted lately..."It is what it is!" I have learned as I have aged that it is very true...it IS what it IS! Most things in life can't be changed and you have to make the most out of it and enjoy life...because LIFE IS GOOD! I am proud of the son that I have...that I was blessed with an amazing son that has been a good boy. That is loving and caring and smart. I am blessed with a husband that takes good care of his family...that works VERY hard and comes home exhausted to listen to me bitch and moan....most of the time he just soaks it in and doesn't say a word. I am blessed with a job that challenges me everyday. I have a home over my head. I have a best friend that loves me NO MATTER what I say or do...Staci listens without judging even though I know she could judge...easily. LOL
So...no matter what...Life IS Good...and It IS what it IS!!! There will be days that torture my entire being...but I know that I have 4 more years of watching my son grow into a man...I am looking forward to those days as much as I am fearing them.

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

You asked for more...so here they are!

Lee...you asked for some more pics...so just for you....here are some more!

Saturday, September 4, 2010

#3 Cunningham Corvette

Two really awesome Corvettes and a great story!!!!

The following was copied from Carlisleevents.com

For Immediate Release

Corvettes at Carlisle Announces 50th Anniversary Tribute to Le Mans

View the 2011 50th Anniversary Tribute Corvette and the 1960 Briggs Cunningham #3 Corvette Together for the First Time in History

Monday, August 02, 2010

Carlisle Events is proud to announce that the 2011 50th Anniversary Corvette VIN #00001 and the 1960 Briggs Cunningham #3 Corvette will be on display together for the first time in history at the Carlisle PA Fairgrounds during Corvette at Carlisle, August 27-29, 2010.
For fans of Corvette Racing, 2010 marks a special occasion - the 50th anniversary of a Corvette’s first class win during the legendary 24 Hours of Le Mans. That year three 1960 Corvettes were prepared and entered by privateer and racer Briggs Cunningham and a fourth was entered by Lloyd “Lucky” Casner’s Camoradi USA team. One of Cunningham’s Corvettes was involved in a dramatic finish that still stirs the souls of Corvette lovers over fifty years later.

The first Team Corvette at Le Mans faced some formidable competition from the factory-backed efforts of Ferrari, Aston Martin, Jaguar and Porsche. In complete contrast to the 2010 Corvette C6.R’s that were driven at Le Mans the weekend of June 12, 2010, the 1960 cars were pulled off of the production assembly line, drum brakes, solid axles and all. The three Cunningham cars had 2 drivers each to assist each other in the grueling 24-hour race. The #1 car was piloted by Cunningham and William Kimberley. #2 was driven by Fred Windridge and Dr. Dick Thompson (aka the Flying Dentist) and the #3 was driven by John Fitch and Bob Grossman.

The cars all ultimately experienced different outcomes from the race, but the # 3 car achieved a once-in- a-lifetime accomplishment with a class win for the Chevrolet Corvette in the first year any Corvette competed at Le Mans. The car, with its production origins, overheated in the 23rd hour of the race, and race rules prohibited cars from receiving any fluids other than fuel. The #3 crew acted quickly and packed ice from drink coolers into the engine bay, enabling the Corvette to continue on to victory.

In commemorating the 50th anniversary of Corvette’s first class win at Le Mans, GM built a very special one-of-one tribute to the 1960 Briggs Cunningham Corvette #3. The 2011 tribute Corvette shares the same exterior cues including the twin stripes over the hood, roof and trunk and the #3. A special graphic on the B-pillar features a 50th Anniversary logo that dates 1960 and 2010.

The 1960 Cunningham Corvette #3 will soon return home after an 8,000-mile journey to France for the 2010 edition of the 24 Hours of Le Mans. Lance Miller recently celebrated the legendary 1960 win with the Chip Miller Charitable Foundation to raise awareness for Amyloidosis and fulfill his father’s, Chip Miller, dream to reunite the #3 Cunningham Corvette and John Fitch in Le Mans 50 years later. The 1960 Cunningham Corvette #3 celebrated in style as John Fitch piloted the historic race car around the world-famous Le Mans circuit on a parade lap with 50 Corvettes following them and Lance Miller in the passenger seat.

"This once-in-a- lifetime effort will never be forgotten!" Lance Miller comments, "The first time I saw the 50th Anniversary tribute Corvette at the National Corvette Museum I was stunned. I honestly couldn’t believe that the Corvette team went through the effort of producing a one-of-one tribute Corvette to help celebrate the 50 years of Corvette racing at Le Mans. We are honored to have the two cars (1960 Le Mans winning Corvette #3 and the 2011 tribute Corvette) displayed together for the first time during Corvettes at Carlisle. This display will go down in the history books!"

Doug Fehan, Program Manager Corvette Racing adds: "For many years we have talked about the legacy of Corvette Racing and the role that the team plays in Corvette’s history. The reason this is important today is because of the strong foundation that people like Dick Thompson, Dick Guldstrand, Zora Arkus-Duntov, and many others built for Corvette. They set the bar high, and they accomplished so much with so little. Today we have the full resources of Chevrolet and GM behind Corvette Racing, but these pioneers are the ones who truly began Corvette’s performance heritage. Corvette Racing is continuing to build on that foundation for those who will come after us."

For more information please visit www.carlisleevents.com or call (717) 243-7855.

# # #

Journalist note: Information about Carlisle Events, its event listings, auction offerings and the Carlisle Expo Center is available to journalists by phone:

Chris Hann
Director of Creative Services & Technology
717-243-7855 ext. 123

Here is a video explaining more about the original car!

Here are some pictures I took of both cars during Corvettes at Carlisle the last weekend in August!
I hope you enjoy!